i3 Mini PC: Desktops with Intel Core i3 Processor on Sale

Mini PC with Intel Core i3 Processor

As a budget-level processor, the Intel Core i3 processor is not as powerful as the higher-end Core i5 and Core i7 processors and is not intended for hardcore gaming, but it’s still fast enough for most users.

A mini PC with an Intel Core i3 processor is a an excellent alternative for anyone looking for a reliable and affordable computer. It provides enough power for everyday tasks and is reasonably priced.

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  • Mini IT8 SE 8th Gen Intel Core i3 $299.00
    • Comes with Intel® Core™ i3-8109U.
    • Preinstalled with Windows 11 Pro, and supports the Linux operating system.
    • Supports [email protected] Displays & Multiple screens.
    • Faster heat dissipation, Wi-Fi & Bluetooth.

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