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What Is a Mini PC Good For

What Is a Mini PC Good For? More than You Thought Possible!

You’ll have more uses for your mini PC than you thought possible! Many people will be misled by the word “mini”, think that mini PCs are too underpowered to meet their computing needs. Actually, Mini PCs can do almost everything that a full-fledged desktop computer can. For now, we will look at some of their […]

Intel Celeron N5095 vs Intel Pentium Silver N6000

Intel Celeron N5095 vs Intel Pentium Silver N6000

One of the most confusing aspects of shopping for a new computer is picking one out of the sheer amount of options available, particularly when it comes to the processor powering your potential PC purchase. This is especially true when it comes to more affordable PCs. Two of the most popular CPU options for low-cost […]

How to Buy a Small PC That Works For You

What is Mini PC? Why It Will Become A Mainstream Computer

Computers are getting smaller and more powerful with each passing year. These are the same devices that once used to take an entire room’s worth of space, but today we easily carry them around in our laptop bags. But why stop there? Why not have something even more compact? Those are the questions that the […]

Windows 11 vs Windows 10

Windows 11 vs Windows 10: Which One is Better for Now?

As Windows 11 releases, it may be confusing to decide whether you should upgrade your PC to Windows 11. We hope today’s discussion will help you out, so let’s begin by comparing Windows 11 and Windows 10. Advantages of Windows 11 over Windows 10 Although its most apparent differences are aesthetic, Microsoft’s most recent operating […]

Three ways to get a Mini PC

Buy a Mini PC? 3 Ways to Get It That Can Save You Money

Are you thinking about getting a mini PC? You can go through a lot of work to make sure your computer runs fast. Today, you can use a mini PC to get yourself out of the rut. It is common knowledge that the emergence of mini PCs has come to replace traditional desktop computers. These […]

How to Install Windows 11

How to Install Windows 11 on Your Computer [Easy Guide]

Windows 10 is no longer the last version of Windows. Microsoft graced us with a new version of Windows, Windows 11, back in November 2021. It is equipped with new features including a new immersive display and memory management to optimize the applications running in the foreground. If you’re looking to upgrade your current Windows […]

Everything You Should Know about Mini IT8

Hello, GFANS! We got a lot of questions about Mini IT8. So we make a little Q&A for your concerns and hope it can answer some of your questions. Mini IT8 Q&A 1.What is the capacity of GEEKOM MINI IT8? How to expand to 2TB? The GEEKOM Mini IT8 features dual-channel DDR4 SODIMM memory that […]

Intel Core i5 vs AMD Ryzen 5

Intel Core i5 vs. AMD Ryzen 5 Processors (Detailed Comparison)

When choosing the best computer processor for your needs, such as budget, available space, and efficiency, there are many aspects to consider. But something you should know is that a high-quality computer CPU provides the foundation of any great computer system — and today’s best processors can help you avoid technology bottlenecks, giving you ways […]

GEEKOM Hosts an Easter Egg Hunt Campaign 2022

Easter is right around the corner. At such an inspiring time of year, GEEKOM wants to celebrate Easter day with all Gfans by holding the Easter Egg Hunt Campaign 2022. We have had tough times during the last two years due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This year, though, don’t let the past let you down. Hopes […]

Everything You Should Know About GEEKOM Points

A NEW WAY TO REWARD YOURSELF READ MORE What is the GEEKOM’s Rewards Point Program? Join GFANs, collect points on every activities and cash them out at some point on your next purchases. A unique way to thank you for choosing us for your purchases! As a result, you will earn 1 points for every […]