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Mini PC for Home Theater

Mini PC for Home Theater: Create Smaller and Quieter HTPC

To construct a home theater, all you need is a television, projector, receiver, and speakers. However, one component was added to this assemblage— a home theater PC. Now, it’s recognized as one of the essential parts of a home theater for its convenience and cost-efficient properties. What is a Home Theater PC? An HTPC, short […]

mini pc vs desktop

Mini PC Vs Desktop: Which Should You Use?

Throughout the years, ever since the invention of the regular desktop computer, there has been a consistent trend of computers becoming smaller and smaller. To fully understand the difference between a regular desktop and a mini PC, now follows some information on what a small desktop computer precisely entails. What Is a Mini PC? First […]

4k mini pc for streaming

Mini PC for Streaming: Keep Stream at 4K with Small Size

If you’re an aspiring streamer, maybe you’re thinking about upgrading to a dual PC streaming setup, you’ve come to the right place! Before, you needed a desktop or laptop to stream live gameplay, but now some small computer comes with can deliver all the performance you need while also saving on desktop real estate. Why […]

Mini PC for Digital Signage

Mini PC for Digital Signage: Best Solution for 24/7 Operation

Digital Signage is when companies use high-definition screens to display advertising and other video content in a way to attract viewers to take interest in their product. But how exactly do they get those advertisements to stay on the screen and loop over and over again? Well, they’re using a digital signage player to show […]